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A Bit About Me

Sally Hughes


I am the owner and operator of Smiles By The Mile Ice Cream LLC, located in the seaside city of Quincy, Massachusetts.

In my previous “life”, I worked in the travel business for many years in sales, customer service and training.  My favorite years were working as a tour guide bringing folks all over the world. I traveled to incredible places, met wonderful people, and tried different foods (and ice cream) everywhere I went.

Other passions include all things French, baking fancy cakes, decorating berets with felted flowers, working in the garden with my cat, daydreaming on the porch, reading (especially cookbooks), walking at the beach, and just being with friends and family. Simple things. Fun fact: I speak French, a little German and Spanish, and can order a cup of coffee in Swedish. I love foreign languages!

Ice Cream Love

My love of ice cream goes back to when I was little.  

My brother and I would jump in the car with my mom and dad, and off we’d go to Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton.  Many hot summer nights were spent in our pj’s enjoying an ice cream before heading home to bed. When a babysitter was needed, my mom made hot fudge and butterscotch sauce and left tons of ice cream in the freezer for all of us.  Of course, we loved it when my parents went out! And now, the ice cream love continues.

My Truck


For years, I dreamed of starting an ice cream business – it was always in the back of my mind, waiting for the right moment. Then the stars aligned in Spring 2019.  The perfect ice cream truck suddenly appeared online.  After days of texts and phone calls to the seller, I bought my truck from a thousand miles away.  My heart was pounding when I hit that “buy” button, but I followed my gut, and left my job behind.  That summer I was ready to roll.

My truck has quite a history.  Like me, it too has a former life.  Back in 1982, it was a newspaper delivery truck for the San Francisco Chronicle in California. It then went to Ohio as an ice cream truck delivering joy, instead of news, and now it is doing the same in Massachusetts.  This little truck has crossed the United States from coast to coast!  

My Dreams

If someone told me years ago that I would be driving an ice cream truck now, I never would have believed it. When I started, everything was new - now years later I still do it all - purchasing, loading, driving, booking, the paperwork, getting permits - I learned it all. And here I am today, still loving every minute I am out there on my happy little truck!  

My motto: Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

Sally Hughes - Sally on bench 3

My next dream? Driving to California…in my truck.


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